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Vision XRAYs Commitment

Vision XRAYs Commitment
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Vision XRAY has been serving New South Wales since 2002, and we’ve grown and thrived into numerous locations. Throughout it all, we’ve been proud to hold to our founding principles and to our mission.

Our website and our blog is full of helpful information, to assist you in understanding our services and preparing for your appointments and scans. We provide these details to make sure your experience with Vision XRAY is as comfortable and effective as possible. Because our commitment at Vision XRAY is to our patients, in everything we do.

Our 5-Tiered Mission

At Vision XRAY, we have 5 core values that comprise our overall mission. These are compassion, justice, human dignity, excellence, and unity. We apply each of these values in our interactions with other professionals, with our colleagues, and most importantly, with our patients.

Compassion – Our team acts with compassion towards all. This is a vital component of any medical practice, and it helps promote an environment of safety where all can feel comfortable and cared for.

Justice – It is important to us to live in a just society. Fair practices are ensured across the board and objectivity, morality, and honesty are qualities we adhere to in our practice.

Human Dignity – We believe in the inherent worth of every human being. Vision XRAY treats each individual as an equal with full respect and recognition of their value.

Excellence – Our mission statement is “to be the radiology group that others are measured against.” To do this, we aim for nothing short of excellence. You can expect 110% effort and a commitment to top quality with Vision XRAY.

Unity – For the good of our patients, we believe in unity amongst our staff as well as the medical community as a whole. In this way we can continue to achieve excellence and keep patient care as our top priority.

Attending to Your Needs

Because of our commitment to focus first and foremost on the health, safety, and comfort of all of our patients, we are continually working to improve every aspect of our practice. From ongoing training and research to sharpen our skills, to investing in the most advanced equipment, we’re always moving towards being the best we can be.

This also means considering the unique needs of each and every patient. This coincides with our commitment to using the lowest possible radiation dosage in x-rays and CT scans, and working hard to select the scan that will best assist in your diagnosis and treatment.


At Vision XRAY, our team of radiologists is also committed to being transparent. Questions or concerns? We welcome your conversations and feedback and are happy to discuss anything with you, in order to create a better patient experience.

Need to make an appointment? Get in touch with our staff today and we’ll get you booked in at one of our many convenient locations, at a time that works with your schedule.