Treatment Options

CT Dental Scan

CT Dental Scan

Dental Imaging and CT Cone Beam

The Vision XRAY group provides an extensive range of dental imaging options.

We have state of the art digital dental machines and perform low dose OPG, lateral cephalometry, TMJ and facial bone imaging.

We offer Cone Beam CT, an ultra low dose dental CT scan. With this equipment we deliver images tailored to the patient’s and referrer’s specific needs. Examples of uses for CT cone beam include localization of impacted teeth, inferior dental nerve compression, temporo-mandibular joint assessment and dental implant assessment and surgical planning.

We also perform CT Dental scans using our Multi slice CT scanners, which allow for high image quality and 3D reconstruction.

All dental imaging at Vision XRAY is fast and painless and requires no preparation.


CT Cone Beam Locations