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Safety Standards at Vision XRAY

Safety Standards at Vision XRAY
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At Vision XRAY Group, the safety and care of our patients is at the core of everything we do. Our organisation has been around since 2002, when we began providing radiological services to Australians in Sydney and regionally at our additional locations. Vision XRAY was built on the values of compassion, justice, excellence, unity, and human dignity. Our practice is focused on implementing these values in our every action. By starting with these vital values, we are able to ensure our safety standards are continually met and expanded. How do we give patients our best? Here are a few of the areas we emphasise:

Patients are the Priority

We offer a wide range of services at Vision XRAY. This provides a variety of options when it comes to the scans and procedures we can provide to our patients. Our radiologists know that each patient is unique and thus, their needs and care will vary greatly. We work closely with each individual patient, ensuring our care plan is consistent with providing the best, tailored for that patient’s specific requirements. What this means is that we select (alongside the patient’s physician) the most appropriate scans and procedures which will be most effective for diagnosis and treatment. We also choose the scans which will be best for image clarity and accuracy. As we make these selections, we work to expose the patient to the minimum possible amount of ionising radiation.

A Focus on Radiation Levels

At Vision XRAY, we are highly focused on controlling radiation exposure, protecting our patients and maximising your safety and care. For xray and CT scans, which use ionising radiation to produce images, we emphasise minimising radiation dosage, honing in on the specific region of the body under observation to use the lowest possible dose. We also have invested in top of the line specialty CT and xray equipment, which can allow for “ultra low dose” scanning and can deliver excellent imaging results using smaller radiation amounts. With certain circumstances, we take extra precautions to minimise radiation exposure, such as when scanning a pregnant patient or a child, and in these cases, we will elect for alternate scanning options when possible.

The Best Equipment, Staff, & Systems

Vision XRAY is entirely radiologist owned and operated. We are a team made up of accredited, talented radiologists with extensive experience in our field. We have set a precedent for accepting only the highest standards and our practices strive to continually meet and exceed these levels.

Our top trained radiologists are experts at what they do and each are committed first and foremost to patient comfort and care. Each member of our team embodies our organisation values in everything he or she does. You can feel confident in Vision XRAY as we meet the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme standards put forward by Australia’s Department of Health and Ageing.

In addition to employing outstanding radiologists and staff, Vision XRAY uses state of the art equipment which is meticulously serviced and maintained. In keeping with our strict standards, we are always continually evaluating our systems and procedures and promote continuous learning amongst our team. We hope to remain at the forefront of technological advancements and systems development, as we tirelessly work to provide more efficient and effective procedures and overall better patient care.