Dr Sophia Zadelis


Dr Sophia Zadelis

I am a radiologist who has subspecialised in Breast Imaging and diagnostic breast assessment.

On completing radiology training I did a Breast Imaging Fellowship and have since solely worked in breast imaging, both screening and diagnostic services.

I was a screen reader and then Designated Radiologist at Central and Eastern Breastscreen which involved screen reading, assessment and biopsy clinics, radiologist review, case review and responsibility for clinical/ imaging /pathology correlation by liasing with an experienced multidisciplinary team.

Prior to commencing radiology training I spent 2 years working/training as a Breast Physician. I have spoken at both breast imaging and multidisciplinary breast cancer meetings as well as run breast ultrasound workshops.

For more than a decade I have predominantly worked in busy diagnostic breast services assessing symptomatic patients.This involves reporting mammography and interpreting/performing breast ultrasound, discussing clinical findings with surgeons, biopsying lesions (fine needle, core and vacuum assisted biopsy)under ultrasound, mammography or clinical guidance, and correlating all this information together with the pathologist and clinician to come to a conclusion regarding further management and to exclude/diagnose breast cancer. More recently I am gaining experience in the use and value/benefit of Breast MRI in certain women.

In breast imaging/assessment the aim is to excude/diagnose breast cancer as early ,quickly and least traumatically as possible and also to explain symptomatology. Breast assessment is a very stressful and emotive experience for women and I aim to minimise this as much as possible and at the same time reach an accurate diagnosis using appropriate tests and avoiding unnecessary procedures.

I have spent many years and have extensive experience as a dedicated breast radiologist and diagnostician.