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Teleradiology Australia: Fast & Accurate Diagnosis

Teleradiology Australia: Fast & Accurate Diagnosis
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Radiology is a diverse and complex discipline, one that can be challenging, and one that is advancing rapidly. As examination volumes continue to increase, there is more demand for teleradiology: an advanced system that transmits digitised medical patient images from one location to another. Vision XRAY is at the forefront of teleradiology Australia having begun offering the service in 2001. In this post, we’ll look more closely at the benefits of teleradiology and Vision Xray’s role as a trusted teleradiology Reporting Service Australia wide.

Teleradiology Benefits

Teleradiology Reporting is an effective tool in speeding up the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions. Rather than the radiologist needing to be physically present, teleradiology facilitates clearer communication between the doctors, surgeons, radiologists and hospitals. Other benefits include:

  • Faster Diagnosis – medical imaging results can be viewed much quicker, allowing doctors to treat patients more efficiently.
  • Improved Consultations – radiologists, doctors and surgeons can collaborate to determine the best treatment plan and second opinions can be easily sought.
  • Better Rural and Regional Care– teleradiology enables rural and regional hospitals to receive quick and accurate interpretation of medical imaging.
  • Cost-Effective – as remote radiology reporting services eliminate the need for radiologists to be physically present, there’s less need for permanent staff. Weekends, holidays, after-hours and emergencies are also easily covered.

Teleradiology Services at Vision XRAY

Vision XRAY has been using the RRRA (Remote Radiology Reporting Australia) system of teleradiology since 2001: the first teleradiology practice in Australia. We have been growing ever since, and we now have a team of certified teleradiologists reporting from high-quality workstations, with all software tools at their disposal in a dedicated work environment. Our radiologists provide detailed reports for:

As an established teleradiology company, you can feel confident that Vision XRAY is committed to patient privacy, open communication and using the best available technology.